Incumbent Peleliu Governor Temmy Shmull leads the gubernatorial race for the Peleliu 13th General Elections by only 37 votes, garnering a total vote of 255 as opposed to his rival, Jackson Ngiraingas, who got 218 votes according to the unofficial results from the Palau Election Commission(PEC).

PEC data reveals that only 487 votes were casted yet out of the 956 registered voters, somewhat causing an agonizing wait as both gubernatorial candidates await the final and official results set to be released next week by the PEC after the absentee ballots are counted.

Shmull is gunning for a third term, the maximum term allowed by the Peleliu State Constitution, as Peleliu governor. Ngiraingas, meanwhile, was also a former governor of Peleliu.

Despite the slim margin, Shmull told Island Times in an interview yesterday that he is optimistic that his goal will be realized. He even lauded the PEC for facilitating the “peaceful” elections.

The race for the Legislature-at-large seats is also topped by Billy G. Rekemel who garnered 246 votes and followed by Burton Lee Wong, 226 votes, Florah M. Tewid, 200, Edwight Mengirarou, 188, and Eufrasia N. Remeliik, 187.

Kalingo Kangich, who was recently granted full pardon by President Tommy Remengesau, Jr. following his conviction for possession of methamphetamine, is also vying for a seat at the Legislature-at-large garnering a total vote of 155.

Remengesau previously granted full pardon to Kangich based on the “strong recommendations” by the Palau National Parole Board and Shmull.

Each hamlet of the Peleliu State is also represented by an elected leader at the legislature. For Ngerchol Hamlet, Andres Napoleon is leading the polls with 84 votes while sole opponent Alex Ngiraingas got 50 votes.

Cordino Soalablai, who is gunning for a legislature seat to represent Ngerdelolk hamlet, is running unopposed, getting a total vote of 41.

Edburgh Mabel is also leading the polls for Ngerkeukl hamlet with 53 votes while opponent Benhart Baulechong garnered 36 votes. Salii Rekemel also leads the polls for Teliu Hamlet with 32 votes while opponent Gene Tkel got 20 votes.