Cases against a sitting governor and a former governor for code of ethics violations have been filed separately in recent weeks by Attorney General and Special Prosecutor.

On September 12, Special Prosecutor filed a case against sitting Governor Ellender Ngirameketii.  This in addition to a previous case which is still to be adjudicated.

In the September 12 filing, Special Prosecutor accuse Governor Ngirameketii of violating Code of Ethics by not reporting an income from real estate deal where he allegedly gained an income of $650,000.

The charges state that Ngirameketii failed to disclose his income violating Code of Ethics by claiming no change in income from previous year.  The offense is a Misdemeanor.

Another Code of Ethics violation case was filed by the Office of Attorney General against former governor of Ngarchelong Browny Salvador.

The case was filed last week alleging violation of code of ethics as well as Theft of Government property.

The charges alleged that former Governor Salvador used Ngara Klikm bus, a Ngarchelong State Government bus to transport people to his political rally.  The charges also alleged that former Governor also used State funds of $5,000 to pay for the settlement of a motor vehicle accident involving the Ngara Klikm bus that was being used to transport people to his own rally.

Violations of Code of Ethics are Misdemeanors whilst Misconduct in Public Office which both current and former officials are being charged for are Class B felonies. (L.N. Reklai)