Palau’s Ministry of Health(MOH)continues to receive medical support from the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital(SKH).

Since September, three doctors from Shin Kong Hospital have been dispatched to Palau to provide much needed medical assistance.

Dr. Sun Cho Chi was on island in September to provide medical services for gastroenterology, the medical specialty that focuses on the digestive system. He was able to perform an endoscopicremovalofafishbone, an endoscopicvariceal colonoscopy with acoldsnarepolypectomy, and anendoscopichomo-clipping.

Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Chen Cheng Kuang was also in Palau from October 2 to 14, providing medical services for patients who may be suffering from conditions related to the bones or skeletal system.

In addition, Dr. Huang Chien Hsien was also in Palau to provide medical consultation for infectious diseases. He arrived on October 07, 2019 and left on October 14, 2019. SKH Dr. Chen Jo Ning, who specializes in family medicine, arrived in Palau on November 14,2019 and provided medical consultation until November 15,2019.

In addition to the doctors providing medical services, SKH also donated an analyzer for checking cholesterol levels and HbA1C to assist with non-communicable disease screenings.

The following doctors from Shin Kong Hospital are scheduled to arrive in Palau in December to provide more medical assistance: Dr.Tsai Ming Hsien (nephrologist or kidney specialist)will provide assistance with reviewing hemodialys is protocol as well as medical consultation for patients with kidney problems from December23-30,2019; and Dr.Hsu Hao Wei(orthopedic surgeon or surgeon of the bones)will be in Palau from December 23,2019 to January 03, 2019.

Shin Kong Hospital is a renowned medical facility in the Republic of China—Taiwan with specialty departments in over forty medical fields.

Since 2007,SKH has a current partnership with the Belau National Hospital and has provided medical assistance through specialist consultations & missions for over ten years. In addition, the hospital has also donated numerous supplies and medical equipment in order to improve the quality of health care provided to the people of Palau. MOH expresses its thanks to the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for its continued support. (PR)