Miss Shu Yong Kang, a nutritionist from the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH), was recently in Palau assisting with the Taiwan Medical Program (TMP). Ms. Kang arrived in Palau in the beginning of March and spent a week assisting the program with health education & awareness at the local schools. She visited Koror Elementary School (KES), Meyuns Elementary School (MES), George B. Harris Elementary School (GBH), and Airai Elementary School where she held learning sessions with students regarding the negative impacts of consuming too much sugar and tips for reducing daily intakes of sugar.

In addition to lectures with students, Ms. Kang also led a School Health Program Workshop with the Food Service Program from MOE. School cooks were invited to participate in the workshop where Ms. Kang gave a lecture about healthy diets. TMP Coordinator Ms. Tsai- Ling Hsu was also present at the sessions where she gave presentations about COVID-19, specifically information about how the virus is spread and the importance of good hygiene, specifically proper handwashing, in order to prevent the infection.

TMP is a program supported by the Shin Kong Hospital in partnership with the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Education (MOE), the Embassy of the Republic China–Taiwan in Palau, the Taiwan International Cooperation and Development,and the Taiwan Technical Mission. The School Health Program supports the improvement of the health status of Palau’s people by cultivating healthy lifestyle choices at an early age. It is made possible through the collaborative efforts of Shin Kong Hospital, the Palau Ministry of Education, and the Palau Ministry of Health.

Shin Kong Hospital is a renowned medical facility in the Republic of China—Taiwan with specialty departments in over forty (40) medical fields. Since 2007, SKH has a current partnership with the Belau National Hospital and has provided medical assistance through specialist consultations & missions for over ten years. In addition, the hospital has also donated numerous supplies and medical equipment in order to improve the quality of healthcare provided to the people of Palau. MOH expresses its thanks to the Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital for its continued support!