Shin Kong Wu Ho-Su Memorial Hospital (SKH) has been dispatching orthopedic surgeons to assist with medical cases at the Belau National Hospital since December last year.

Orthopedic clinics are conducted at the Belau National Hospital every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday mornings.

Dr. Wu Shing-Sheng was the first orthopedic surgeon dispatched to Palau. He provided medical consultation from January 02 to January 16, 2019. Dr. Kao-Shang Shih, the SKH Chief of the Orthopedics Department, followed and provided medical support for two weeks at the Belau National Hospital where he performed a total of six surgeries. Dr. Shih also provided other doctors with continuing medical education (CME) related.

In March, Dr. Cheng-Kuang Chen spent ten days stationed at the hospital. Dr.Hung Li-Wei followed and offered orthopedic consultation from April 22, 2019 to May 04, 2019.

In 2007 the Republic of Palau Ministry of Health (MOH) established a partnership with SKH. SKH has continuously provided medical support in terms of equipment, medical team visits, and medical consultations.

For more information, please call the BNH Outpatient Department at: 488-2555. (PR)