Palau Organic Growers Association (POGA) reviewed the Memorandum of  

[restrict] Understanding with the Bureau of Agriculture at their regular monthly meeting last week, June 7, 2017 at the Palau Chamber of Commerce office. POGA plans to administer the packaging of pork when the new slaughterhouse in Ngchesar opens at the end of this calendar year if technical and financial assistance is realized.  Projected capacity of the facility is eighty pigs per day. To supply the hogs, over a dozen piggeries have been identified. POGA will continue to pursue its stated mission of being a resource center connecting farmers with consumers including restaurants and local farmers’ markets.  Increasing sustainable, healthy, local food production will help Palau’s economic independence and mitigate global warming.

Also at the meeting we congratulated POGA president Faustina Rehuher Marugg as the next Minister of State.  She agreed to complete her term as president for the next half year, but we seek a new leader. Tarita Holm accepted the nomination as new vice president and Carolyn Ngiraidis serves as Treasurer/Secretary. Tina appointed Souang Tellei as Information Communication Technology staff to advertise POGA and encourage expanded membership, dues of $20/year. We also discussed reviving a bill introduced in 2007 by then Senator Santy Asanuma to regulate the livestock industry.

Our next meeting will be at 2 pm on Wednesday, July 5 at PCOC where we will finalize plans for a forum for livestock producers scheduled for the third week of July. Interested farmers and other members of the public are welcome to contact POGA at PO box 1742 or phone 488-3400. [/restrict]