Smaller Island States (SIS) gets a reprieve from paying higher membership share in the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF) following the consensus from Forum leaders to delay the fees.


Vice President Raynold Oilouch, who headed a delegation from Palau in Samoa for the 48th Pacific Islands Forum said it is the position of Palau and other Smaller Islands States that the proposed membership shares “is just too much.”

Oilouch raised the membership fee increase issue during the retreat among the Pacific leaders.

In an intreview he said the proposed new membership from the forum alone will increase the dues by $200,000.

He said Palau is already paying over $200,000 for membership in international organizations and if the new shares by the forum member nations will be implemented it could double the total dues the country has to pay in a year.

In the leaders’ communique released on September 8, “leaders agreed to delay implementation of the Sustainable Funding Strategy of the Secretariat, which updates the membership shares in the 2000 Agreement Establishing the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat tasking further work to be carried out on the new sustainable funding arrangements to be implemented, to be tabled at the next meeting.

Leaders also noted the special position of Smaller Island States, especially their smallness and lack of capacity. (B. Carreon) [/restrict]