During this past summertime several youths were involved in collecting Sonsorol children stories through interviews with elders, recording them and transcribing them in the Sonsorol language.


Some who were artistically inclined had fun drawing illustrations depicting the main characters of each story. Sonsorol State Women Association (SSWA) aka Dini Faruya received funding from the India Aid Grant Fund for the Project titled ‘Sonsorol Youth Project on Cultural Preservation and Continuity’.

The main purpose of the project is to engage the youth in learning and preserving the Sonsorol culture through simple and fun storytelling interviews with elders in the Sonsorol community. Ten stories have been collected and edited complete with illustrations. The final outcome of the project will be a Sonsorol Children Storybook.

This will be the first ever Sonsorolese storybook. Copies will be distributed to libraries and elementary schools in December 2016. [/restrict]