I was listening to client who was repeating her mother’s word to her and her children:  “Mokisii a ngelekem emdu er ngii me bo losiik era urrerel eng kora choktemelel el mesaik e di melim a rrom meng di mlol mad.” She was about to repeat more destructive words; I said, [restrict]] “Whoah! Stop! Sel momelekl a ilechakid el tekoi el ke melisiich a delebeklel a delam le kor kau ma rengelekem.  Do not repeat her curses.  Speak blessings…speak life to your son and your daughter: “Rungalk ke kmal mesaul el mlo chemoit a komi e tolib a blatong ra kesus.” or “Rungalk, kmal ungil a teng er kau ra school ma kmal proud er kau. (even it was C- and now a C+).  Rungalk ke kmal mesaul el kiltmeklii a room er kau e ngmai a selkelem el locha ra blil a selokl.”  Try it… and expect good return.

I grew up believing I was lazy, stupid, and ugly that no man will want to marry me because that’s what I heard.  As a matter of fact, I almost didn’t graduate from high school. And I wasn’t good in marriage.   I had to move away from home to hear edifying words from strangers. When my English Professor in college told me that I was bright I felt embarrassed.  When he read my essay in the classroom I wanted to hide. The classroom applauded me not only because it was good but English was my second language.  I wanted to hide.  The professor bent down and whispered to me, “this is when you say, ‘Thank you’.”  Later that evening, by God’s grace, I heard my father’s voice in my head, “Rungalk, ngkmal ungil.”  My eyes welled up as I recalled my father blessings, words of compliments and taught me to say, “Thank you”.  He was my Cheerleader.  I sat at my dining table studying, wondering how did I ever forget my father’s blessings?  I took a notebook and began to write them down.  I kept that notebook with me and every time I recall his blessings I would write them down.  I also made a folder that I labeled Smile File.  I saved every nice things people said verbally or written notes and cards that made me smile. This may seem narcissistic but my father’s blessings encouraged me to move on to complete my studies, to dream and to realize some of those dreams.  I still dream and so should you.

I was reflecting how God complimented his own creation, starting with the light that it was good. I believed I’ll do well to emulate his ways.

We need to speak life to our children and loved ones making our homes warm and welcoming.  We forgive them when unpleasant words are spoken knowing we have our slip-ups too.  Brooding over  rotten eggs will only hatch bad chicks that will stink up our mind with manure and destroy our thought life.

God accepts you and me just as we are.  He thought of us long before he said, “Let there be light”.  You and I were on his mind when he was on the cross on Calvary because of Our Father’s love.   /restrict]