The Sonsorol State Women Association (SSWA) launched the project in developing audio accompaniment to the Sonsorol children’s story book that was published in 2016 on October 5, 2018 at the VIP Conference Room.

The SSWA received the India-Palau Small Grant to collect, write and publish a Sonsorol children’s story book in the Sonsorol language.

The women’s main goal is to preserve the culture through fun storytelling. After the book’s publication and distribution, it was realized that people had difficulty reading and understanding the stories.

The Sonsorol language has no official writing method. It is written phonetically and the spelling strictly depends upon the individual writer.

As a result, the SSWA women applied again for a grant and received another India-Palau small grant in 2017 to develop an audio accompaniment to the storybook for people to read along with the audio for better understanding.

The India Honorary Counsel to Palau, Mr. Robert Scaria and Ms. Judy Dean, the Grants Coordinator at the President’s Office together with her staff Ms. Mary Yangilmau as well as Minister of State, Ms. Faustina R. Marugg were present to witness completion of the project and for the book signing.

The SSWA members, together with families and friends, proudly stood by and witnessed the completion of this first publication of Sonsorol children’s storybook with audio accompaniment. Special appreciation to the Government of India and the President’s Office of the Republic of Palau for their continued support. Copies will be made available for the local libraries, elementary school libraries, Bureau of Arts & Culture, Belau National Museum and any interested individuals. Call Sonsorol State Office at 488-1237 for Lucy if you’re interested. (PR)