The Palau Chamber of Commerce has partnered with the Bureau of Commercial Development to create a website for locals and foreigners interested in starting a business in Palau. There are many different steps and agencies involved in starting a business and this website will clearly list all required permits and have electronic applications of available for download to eliminate the need to go to individual offices.



Director of Bureau of Commercial Development, Hayes Moses, has been working with Peace Corps Response volunteer, Greg Porter, to meet with all agencies involved in doing business in Palau to ensure the proper process is shown on the website. PCOC and the Bureau of Commercial Development also enlisted the help of student consultant, Gus Henry, from Carnegie Mellon University’s Technology Consultancy in the Global Community program to create the website.


They will work to have the website online in August. The website will provide Palauans and foreign investors who are looking to do business in Palau with key information regarding the foreign investment approval process, the necessary permits needed to start a business and why Palau is a great place to start your business. Look for the new guide to business in Palau this coming August. [/restrict]