The feedback from sessions between Pacific Trade Invest (PTI) Australia and Palau businesses this week has been fantastic.

In partnership with the Palau Chamber of Commerce PTI Australia’s General Manager – Exports, Jeremy Grennell and General Manager – Investment & Tourism, Chad Morris have been engaging with the business community Palau. They held a seminar providing an overview of PTI Australia’s work and how PTI Australia can assist local businesses develop through trade, tourism and investment. One-on-one meeting were also held with individual enterprises and key stakeholders to further explore areas for future collaboration.

Mr. Grennell said it was great to see the diversity of businesses developing in Palau.

“It has been great to be in Palau and to see the range of businesses, the rise in digital trade and social media has broken down many barriers; now with just a facebook page business in Palau can now actively engage with international markets including Australia. I can see through tourism, trade and investment there are some great opportunities for collaboration. I want to thank the Palau Chamber of Commerce their assistance, its meant that in the short amount of time we have had in Palau we’ve been able to connect with a lot of local businesses in Palau.”

The success of partnership and mission was echoed by Adora Nobuo, Executive Director, Palau Chamber of Commerce “What great benefit to the business community in Palau to have had Pacific Trade Invest Australia collaborate with the Chamber of Commerce in providing information/assistance on how to promote one’s business, specifically on export, investment and expansion.  PTI Australia provided information on export/investments (i.e.  Impact investments) and offered matching services (business to investors).

One-on-one consultations with individuals were highly productive and many questions answered. Palau Chamber of Commerce is grateful for the assistance and look forward to more collaborative work with PTI Australia in the Republic of Palau.”

Founded in 1979, Pacific Trade Invest Australia (PTI Australia) is an agency of the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat funded by Australia’s Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade that creates jobs in the Pacific Islands by facilitating trade and attracting impact investment into the region. With an extensive network and a deep understanding of the Pacific Islands, PTI Australia supports private sector growth to reduce aid reliance, making long-term, sustainable improvements to the region’s economy and the livelihoods of Pacific Islanders. (PR)