International Center For Environmental Technology Transfer(ICETT)which is funded by Japan International Cooperation Agency has implemented the project in Ibobang, Ngatpang, Mongami amd Aimeliik.

The project aims at citizens and government working together for zero waste society promotion.  This is a three year project to raise awareness about ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ (The 3 R’s).

The students from Palau High School(PHS) and Belau Modekngei School(BMS) participated in the project. On 19th March, Ms. Kerengel J. Jerome of PHS won the 1st prize. She received the glass plaque made by the Koror State Government from recycled glass called the ‘Eco Glass’. The 2nd prize went to Mr. Lancaster Teblak of BMS and the 3rd prize was awarded to Ms. Irenee Rdang of PHS. (PR)