My friend is unquestionably sexist.  He treats his wife as his property.  He once said, “I don’t understand women who are running for public offices.”  The man is stuck in the Dark Ages like many and we should just leave them there.  A woman said, “Men are so stupid!”  Surely out of anger as we all do sometimes.  

[restrict]  I don’t think they’re stupid, they’re just afraid of something.  And, they were programmed to be selfish – as ‘bird feed’ – [kelel a tengadidik ra rael] in war.  But wars are no longer on outriggers with spears and other sharp objects. Today wars are fought in board rooms, courtrooms, church board meetings. There’s no sharp objects to kill their enemies… just spits heavy with dirt out of the mouths to kill the enemy.  And women are no longer measured by how many toluk they earned or if they married well.  Time to wake up.  We’re so far into Space Age with women astronauts that this kind of thinking is so lame and the word misogyny should fade from our view.

If people don’t see you as a human being with a mind and heart in the body of woman, it’s just projections of their own fears and anxieties.  When I first read  1Timothy 2, I wanted to throw my bible across the room.  Man! That Paul guy is a real male chauvinist, and God, a male, did set everything in motion for a woman to sin so man can blame her for all his stupidity.  My female mentor said, “No that’s not it.  That’s culture talking.  God made a woman so beautiful that when Adam saw her, he sang the first love song, ‘This is now bone of my bone, and flesh of my flesh’ – the beautiful side of himself. As long as freewill exists, evil will find a way in to kill, steal and destroy us.”

Men and womcen that resent women were probably raised by demanding and controlling women or they learned from their misogynistic fathers who treated women as less than-. Or they were abandoned. Learned behavior is real.  We cannot move on if we don’t admit our brokenness.  Another friend said, “I don’t even know my real father.” He’s such a good friend so I said, “Oh, it’s just one sperm.”  If eyes could kill, I would have died several deaths.  I sat with him until tears began to fall to wash heal his broken heart. “Move on and trust the one who breathed life into you. You were first conceived in his mind.” It is moment like this that keeps me going… there’s so much good in life if we would choose to look for them.  And it would do us a lot of good to stop playing god and judge others that keep us stuck in the past.

We’re all broken people in need of unconditional love. Only God can love us that way. We just need to trust Him. And there are a lot of good men who at times come across like beasts in need of your love and understanding.  Never easy but we try. [/restrict]