Expected to connect in 2017

By: L.N. Reklai

August 19, 2016 (Koror) “Submarine fiber optic connectivity project is on schedule, with marine route survey to the landing site in Ngeremlengui already completed,” reported President Tommy Remengesau at the Wednesday press conference.


Remengesau added that one advantage of having of landing site in the State of Ngeremlengui will enable quicker build out of infrastructure to Babeldaob, especially the Capital in Melekeok which is just across the way.

The submarine cable project development phase is already completed.  The design review of the cable is done as well as the marine survey and selection of interim project manager.  Environmental impact assessment and solicitation for civil works on land site are in process.  Manufacturing of the cable will begin as soon as route determination is complete.

“The connection of fiber optic to Guam is expected to be completed by October of next year,” announced President Remengesau.

Much of future development goals for Palau are riding on this connectivity project. “Fiber optic cable project will improve the quality of education and health care services in Palau,” emphasized President Remengesau during the 2016 Presidential Debate.[/restrict]