For half a day and sometimes an entire day depending on who won or lost, work slows down as many Palauans take time out to watch Super Bowl, an American National Football League annual championship game.The popularity of the American football and certainly the Super Bowl is evident in Palau as seen during Super Bowl Mondays.

This year’s Super Bowl 2020 between the San Francisco 49ers and the Kansas City Chief’s garnered similar reaction. Number of restaurant venues around town sported big flat TV screens with game on and unusual Monday crowd.  The 49ers dominated the first three quarters of the game with the scores being 20-10 spurring on bets amongst the local football fans. The last quarter comeback by the Kansas City Chiefs with end score of 31 Kansas to 20 49ers left some 49er fans with much lighter wallets.

Carolyn Ngiraidis, an avid viewer of the super bowl was watching the game at Penthouse Hotel. Ngiraidis deemed Super Bowl Monday as a “national sports holiday” due to the fact that a lot of the locals in Palau would find time to watch the game.

During the game, Ngiraidis was rooting for the Kansas City Chief’s although she considers herself to be a fan of the Seattle Seahawks. She added that there was a bet going on to see who would be the winner of the Super Bowl.

Prior to Super Bowl 2020, Ngiraidis has been placing bets on the game for 6 years and would put 40 dollars with a hope that her team would be victorious. However, she said that she has not won anything. This doesn’t discourage her from trying her luck because she is doing it for fun. After the victory of the Kansas City Chiefs, Ngiraidis is hoping to win a good amount of money from the bets that she placed.

Rimuu Salii Williams was also watching the game at Penthouse Hotel. Williams shared similar views to Ngiraidis when it came to the popularity of the Super Bowl among the Palauan community. Williams stated that “I don’t think a lot of Palauans know the rules of Football, but those that do really love it.”

She said that she was rooting for the San Francisco 49ers because it is one of her favorite teams. However, she did not participate in betting rather she was just watching the game for fun.

Aside from Penthouse, confirmed viewing spots include Palm Bay Bistro, Canoe House, Cove, Rock Island Café and others that feature Super Bowl Mondays as well as other major world sporting events as part of their services.