KOROR PALAU—Supporters from all walks of life joined Raynold “Arnold” Oilouch’s Campaign Kick-Off at the headquarters in Ngerbeched last Friday, February 7, 2020. With supporters from all over Belau who attended which included: youth, children, families, elders, local club members, several state government officials, and some traditional leaders, Arnold expressed with deep respect his appreciation for their support and attendance.

Arnold shared his vision and commitment to Belau and its people, that is not one of his own, but one we all share “Building Opportunities Together”. Arnold emphasized his vision with how he relates to the majority of Belauans and what this means to us as Belauans:

“Kid a tara kohosia el mor tial obis er a kldaitorio er a beluu er a Belau. E kid a remurt el ouspech er sel tekoi el uase: “ak kohosia er a rechad er Belau el rokui”. Le kid a kot el mekesai el chad, me a kuumerang el uase sel de mekesai e ng bai kired el mo dmak el rokui e kaingeseu. Sel bode kaingeseu el rokui e a kumbtab e ng sebeched el kudmokl a betok el tekoi, sebechel mo efficient a ureor, instead er a bai de divide er kid, domii er kid, el mengai el mo mekesai el chad, e bode kautok a rechad er Belau. A kumtab e seikid a diak el ungil teletael er kid a rechad er a Belau. Ak melemolem el mesisiich el oumerang el uase a Belau a ngara ngii sel siukang er ngii er a tekoi er a omengull. Okmo e kede mo oba tekoi er a omengull e mengedmokl er a rokui el tekoi er a beluu er a Belau. Ea kuumerang el uase aikel rokui el tekoi a sebechel el mekedmokl. Ea ltang eng mo etituokel eal tang mo meringel eng di doba

tekoi er a omengull e doruul a urered e de kakull el mong e mei er a delongeled ea kuumerang el uase ngdi mo ungil besul e di mekedmokl a rokui el tekoi.

Choi, ngara ngii a betok el challenges er a chelsel a beluad, e uaisei, ng diak a beluu er a beluulechad el perfect a rokui er ngii, ng diak a beluu el di ungil a rokui er ngii er a bek el sils, ng bai betok el beluu me a meklou el beluu er a beluulechad a betok a lemuut el meklou el problem er tir el chelbangel, e ng di  Belau a chelelakl el beluu e ungil beluu, e selbechakl a rechad el kiei er a chelsel. Meke de mengedmokl er a ngercheled me a urered er a bek el sils e ng di kede oumerang el uase a beluu er a Belau a blessed el beluu e ungil a omerelel beluu.

Me kemam el teua el kohosia, a kuumerang el uase a obdois el issue er a kemam a di osisiu ng soad a rechad er a Belau a di bol ungil. Meng betok a issue el dosaod el di osisiu el bek el chad, sel ngii a mo klekakebosch er a delongelam, sel ngii a uase sel de bora komakai, eng ua ngera teletelel aikekid. Me a kot eng soak el ouchais el uase ngak a hutsui el chad er a beluu er Belau. Nglocha diak a mo uai ngak el hutsui el chad el beiot e meringel a delengcheklek er a bek el sils. El di uai a rubdois el obdois el chad er a beluu er a Belau. Seikid ea rulak el ngodech er ar betok er tirkal kohosia. Leng ochotii el uase ak diosisiu ngak me a tirkaikid el obdois el chad er a beluu er Belau. Maikel ngii a ringel bol siseb er a bek

el sils aikekid osisiu el ak ngara chelsel. Me bode ngeltengat mede bora kingall, e kede oumerang el uase sebeched el mengedmokl aikel ngii a doumerang el uase ngdirrek el subechii er a delengcheklir tirkaikid el betok el obdois el rechad er Belau.

Ma kubal tekoi a uase ng kired el mesiou er a kabelment el ngara ngii sel klechubechub er a rengud e nguu el dolemii er a kabelment e obal mengedmokl er a kabelment e ngii a meral sebechel mesebechakl a rechad el rokui meng diak a rechad el mechoit. Ea bodedak e de kaingeseu eng sebeched el lomekdubech a ungil techall el mo er a rebek el chad er a Belau.

Ending the Kick-Off strong with the official launching of our campaign website and all social media

platforms, supporters were assured that together we can spread our message and share the journey with ALL Belauns in Belau and abroad. For more information about our campaign journey you may visit our website at www.oilouch.com and may follow us on these social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn at: @voteoilouch.