The suspect in a fatal car crash that took the life of a female student last November 30 is now facing charges before the trial division.

Defendant Divine Tiul Sakuma, 25, was charged with one count of negligent homicide in the second degree and count two of negligent injury in the first degree following the death of Chantel Ikelau Mentel, passenger of the car allegedly hit by Sakuma’s vehicle on November 30 evening.

Brandon Yosiwo Mengloi, the driver of the car where Mentel was riding, also sustained serious injury from the incident.

Sakuma was arrested by the police at the Roman Tmetuchl International Airport on the same evening after she allegedly fled from the scene to go to a scheduled trip to Japan to attend an exchange program.

Based on the information from the affidavit of probable cause, the defendant admitted to have consumed two cans of beer prior to the incident.

A witness also said that he saw the defendant travelling at a high speed before colliding into the vehicle occupied by Mentel and Mengloi. Another witness also claimed that she saw the defendant’s car crossed the center lane and eventually hit the other vehicle. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)