PACAM News – World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF)-Pacific recently launched the “Sustainable Healthy Rivers for All” awareness campaign in Fiji. The 18-month campaign mobilizes champions from the community and the private sector to spearhead the activities pro-moting sustainable management prac-tices to save the Ba River. [/restrict]

Among the campaign champions are top execu-tives of ANZ Bank and Ba Holdings Limited, a renowned radio personality, and a community environmental lead-er. More than 100 people attended the campaign launch at Natutu village in Fiji’s Ba Province.

The guests included government officials, regional and in-ternational agencies, non-governmental and civil society organizations, corpo-rate entities, students from nearby schools, and the Nailaga District com-munities. WWF-Pacific is helping the communities rehabilitate coastlines and riverbanks in Fiji that are eroding as a result of climate change. Coir logs made of biodegradable coconut fiber are used to reduce erosion. During the launch, WWF-Pacific also set up a mangrove nursery in Natutu village that will benefit several other villages in Nailaga District.

WWF-Pacific is help-ing communities tackle long-term cli-mate change impacts through the USAID-funded project Strengthening Governance and Resource Management for Climate Resilient Communities in Fiji. [/restrict]