By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

 The Republic of Palau 2016 General Elections Tabulation night has clearly conducted its counting, well covered by the media and observed under Police officers at Ngarachamayong Cultural Center.


Officials of the electoral commission and teams of Tabulators completed the job as expected, with a tight count update for the listeners tuning in on radio and viewers on TV that gave the public a better follow up on what was like to be the counting figures as of then.

As all eyes might have it that there were no issues raised that could relate to the Tabulation night.

However, prior to the Election Day, certain candidates have raised their doubt regarding the integrity during the process of the voting. They claimed the voting process needs better transparency to avoid problems that might occur during the voting. This had led police stepped up its presence at the voting centers, which some said as it was new to witness police heavily guarding the areas of voting which created a sensitive atmosphere.

Despite that, the tabulation environment showcased a peaceful progress in a well-observed manner.