SUVA, 22 DECEMBER 2017 (TAIWAN NEWS) —– The Taiwan Government this week awarded US$500,000 to Pacific Islands Forum countries to be used in domestic scholarship programmes.

To show solidarity with Taiwan’s diplomatic partners in the Pacific, and to support education in key fields necessary for the development of the region, the Taiwanese government awarded US$500,000 to the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat (PIFS) on Wednesday.


Taiwan Ambassador Tai-Chin Chiu presented the cheque to the Pacific Islands Forum Secretary General, Dame Meg Taylor in Suva, Fiji, on Wednesday and remarked that the program has been allocating funds for scholarships in priority educational fields since 2000.

The priority areas for 2018 stipulate the scholarship money should be used for programs that will benefit the social sector, the local environment, or areas of forensic accounting and investigation.

The funds are supplied to the region every year as part of the Taiwan Regional Development Assistance program, and are managed and distributed by a PIFS committee made up of local education officials.

This year, eleven scholarship programs should be fully funded by the educational assistance from Taiwan…PACNEWS [/restrict]