Ambassador Wallace Chow of the ROC (Taiwan) presented one stimulus grant check of 1,007,500 US dollars to Minister of Finance Elbuchel Sadang on Tuesday, April 7.

Thirteen funded projects in this action are Aimeliik Meltelatel Road, Aimeliik Mongami Road, Melekeok Road Improvements(Ngerubesang-Dspensary), Ngaraard Ngesang- Elab Road, Ngaraard Ulimang-Ngkeklau Road Improvements, Ngaraard Elab Community Center, Ngatpang Road, Ngatpang Ibobang Road, Ngchesar State Road (Shimizu), Ngchesar Karmaliang Road, Ngchesar Ngersuul Road, Ngchesar Taberngesang Park Improvements, and Ngiwal State Road.

Palau sources its FY 2020 local revenue primarily from tourism and construction. As the tourism industry is projected to take a hit by the coronavirus crisis, construction activities are the few remaining engines to boost Palau’s economy. Ongoing Taiwan stimulus projects such as housing construction, state roads and other CIP projects will continue to help boost local business and fuel local economy.

Taiwan Government is honored to be one of Palau’s main development partners and remains committed to deepening the relationship with Palau through varieties of cooperation projects.