Ribbon cutting by Ambassador Lee, Minister Obichang, Minister Udui and Dr. Tellei

Ambassador Jessica Lee of the Republic of China (Taiwan), Minister Obichang(MPII), Minister Udui(MOF) and Dr. Tellei(PCC) attend the ribbon cutting ceremony for Taiwan Digital Opportunity Center(TDOC) on January 30 at Chibokill Room, PCC.

Welcoming video remarks by Deputy Minister, Tien, Chung-kwan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)

During the ceremony, the video remarks by Deputy Minister, Tien, Chung-kwan (Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Republic of China (Taiwan)) was played. In his remarks, Deputy Minister Tien wishes TDOC every success and expects the program to narrow down digital divide in the region. And with the ICT equipment and courses provided by Taiwan, it will create a safer and proper digital ecosystem and development opportunity for all.

After Deputy Minister Tien’s remarks, Ambassador Lee thanks Minister Obichang, Minister Udui, Dr. Tellei and their teams’ relentless efforts to work with the Embassy to operate TDOC in Palau. And TDOC symbolize a new chapter for Taiwan and Palau to work on digital cooperation.

The two Ministers also appreciated Taiwan for its endless assistance to Palau’s development, and with the opportunity provide by TDOC, both government and private sectors could fulfil digital empowerment, especially when the digital currency policy is enactive. Dr. Tellei also encouraged those who are interested in improving digital literacy and advanced ICT skills to be on board. 

From January 20, 2023, every Monday through Friday 9am to 12pm and 1pm to 4pm at Chibokill Room, PCC, total 120 hours’ online courses, including Cybersecurity Essentials, E-commerce, Website Design and Practice, PC Hardware and Software – Desktop and Laptop and Tablet, Mobile Phone Repairing and Troubleshooting are open to the public.

For more information, please follow Taiwan Embassy Facebook Fan page and call @4888150 To register please call PCC CE @4886223

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