Taiwan Embassy in Palau donated a total of 1,800 lbs. taro to the Ministry of Health, the Bureau of Aging & Gender (MCCA), and Sonsorol and Hatohobei community at Echang on September 7, 2017. Each had received 600 lbs. of taro cultivated in the Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) at Nekken, Aimeliik.


At the Ministry of Health, Director of Bureau of Nursing Ms. Antonette Merur accepted the donation on behalf of the Ministry. The taro will be prepared by the hospital to serve the patients, and help bring down the cost of operation. The Bureau of Aging and Gender with their Minister Baklai Temegil-Chilton also received the gift from the TTM. Chief of the Bureau Ms. Apolonia Augustine said that they serve about 100 elderly people in need every day, and the donation will help them serve more people.

Governors Laura Miles and Huana Nestor of Sonsorol and Hatohobei states, and the leaders of the women’s group from these two states also received the donation at the basketball court of Echang. The farming specialist Mr. Jeffrey Lin of the Taiwan Technical Mission shared with them the knowledge and experiences of how to grow taro on dry sandy land in Sonsorol and Hatohobei. The discussion brought to a conclusion that a tour to the TTM will be conducted in the near future to learn how to grow specific kinds of taro. The elderly people from the Old Age Center also expressed the same aspiration to visit TTM for the same purpose.

During the discussion with the recipients of these donations, Ambassador Michael YK Tseng of the Taiwan Embassy encouraged those who are interested in growing taro, vegetables or fruits to visit the TTM at Nekken, Aimeliik. The TTM specialists will be more than happy to share their experiences and related knowledge with them. The contact numbers of the TTM are 544-1012, 779-6575, 778-2310, or call Taiwan Embassy at 488-8150. [/restrict]