Over these last few months, the Palau Visitors Authority (PVA) has taken the lead in the development and refinement of state historical tour sites. PVA hopes to encourage and inspire States to efficiently manage and provide more than just a sightseeing tour but rather, a true Palauan cultural experience with genuine island hospitality.

With the swift response and cooperation from Airai State Governor and Rengarairrai traditional chiefs, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed and began the first stop to PVA’s One-Stop Shop initiative. At present, it has successfully operated several tours which upon request, is inclusive of an authentic Palauan lunch prepared by Mechesil ra Irrai (women of Airai)—using utensils and food containers woven out of natural, biodegradable materials, with zero plastic usage.

This cultural tour will fully launch in January 2019. Even so, to successfully run such cultural tours on a weekly basis such as, the Airai Bai tour requires the community to come together, organize, coordinate and manage to meet each visitor’s expectation and provide a wholesome cultural experience.

Not too long ago, Ambassador Chow, Embassy of the Republic of China-Taiwan, had joined the Airai State cultural tour with his lovely wife.  Since their memorable and cultural tour, it left his excellency, Ambassador Chow with such high hopes and enthusiasm for this One-Stop Shop program that he has made a generous donation to the program.

Ambassador Chow is in full support of this tour because not only does it incorporate history and culture into one viable tour, but it also involves the people of the community. (PR)