The Taiwan Technical Mission of International Cooperation Development Fund (ICDF) with the help of Airai Elementary School and GBH Elementary School organized nutrition and health education classes for 7-8th grade students on August 21 and 22.

A nutrition specialist, William Chen from TTM in Kiribati, toured in Palau and other Pacific island countries to promote healthy diet and exercise.

In the classes, Chen showed students the importance to eat healthy. He prepared plastic simulated vegetables and fruits, to show what the right serving size is. Meanwhile, he explained what a daily meal should be and described breakfast as king that should be rich in nutrition to wake up our mind and support whole day’s work, lunch as queen to get enough amount to support our body to work well, and dinner as prince that should always be modest.

Dinner is the key meal in a day to keep fit. It should not be taken ­too close to the sleeping time. When necessary, only take a little to get rid of hunger.

In addition, TTM assistant specialists wore banana and pea costumes to play with students and surveyed for their favorite fruits and vegetables. These costumes successfully got students’ attention, and students were all happy to share what they really eat in daily meals.

TTM also prepared local fresh fruits for prized-quiz. When Chen asked questions at the end of each section, students raced to raise their hands. Some students even shared what they learned to others after the classes.

The classes also promoted regular exercise. Chen explained that a good exercise should be at least three times a week and more than 20 minutes each time so that human body remembers to build up muscle, renew blood, and burn away extra fat. TTM hopes to promote a healthy lifestyle that does not only stay with children but also share and practice among family members.

TTM in Palau is willing to share this knowledge with whoever is interested in healthy life style. Please contact it at 488-6557 or 544-1616 for further information. (PR)