By Francis Talasasa , Reporter

Taiwan Naval Academy is offering scholarships for two Palauan high school graduates to attend a 4 year course beginning in July 2017. Press Secretary to the office of the President Okeriil Kazuo confirmed this in social media.


The Embassy of the Republic of China (ROC) will award the scholars a bachelor degree.

Upon taking the main course, the students will go through a Mandarin language drill for 4 months

The Taiwan Naval Academy will provide each of the two students with monthly scholarship NT$25,000(approx.US$800) – also covering the language drill period, as well as free accommodation and meals together with waiver of tuition and sundry fees for the 4-year course, while the round trip air-tickets shall be prepared by the ROP Government or Participants.


The Taiwan Naval Academy hopes that after graduation, the two scholarship students could serve with the Palauan marine law enforcement to develop their expertise.

The first recipients of the Taiwan Naval Academy Full Scholarship Program were in early 2016. They were Mr. Francis Tkel and Ms. Shandle Techitong.  They are almost to complete their first year in the academy.

The Taiwan Naval Academy is accepting nominations of students who are under the age of 25 at the Ministry of Education. [/restrict]