Thirty-seven (37) participants including Palau Community College students attended a training course for chicken farmers on November 26th at Ngchesar State.

Professor Hsia, the Taiwan-Palau Animal Production Project Manager, conducted the training.  The main purposes of this training course are layer management and egg processing.

During the training, Prof. Hsia trained the farmers to use lighting to increase egg production in chicken house in order to improve their incomes. Moreover, Prof. Hsia also taught them how to make salted eggs to add value of eggs.

The Animal Production Project (APP), which is a cooperative project between the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the government of the Republic of Palau (ROP), has been promoting chicken feeding and management, pig feeding and management, setting up a feed mill and feed production, building a pig slaughterhouse and cutting under hygienic and safe handling since 2012. In order to strengthen the cooperation, the Project also hosts several seminars and workshops every year. (PR)