In the afternoon of Thursday last week, the Taiwan-Palau Animal Production Project Manager, Professor Hsia, was invited to the Palau Community College to talk to the students on ‘Our future is not a dream anymore, but are you ready for that?’

He shared the view that today’s agricultural development must have a world vision. He urged to abandon those thoughts that agriculture remains unchanged or else the future career of agriculture can only stay in the country.

The Animal Production Project (APP) which is a cooperation project between the government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) and the government of the Republic of Palau has been promoting chicken feeding and management.

This is along with promoting pig feeding and management, setting up a feed mill and feed production, setting up a pig slaughterhouse and cutting under hygienic and safe handling since 2012.

In order to strengthen the cooperation, the Project also holds several seminars and workshops each year. (PR)