TAIWAN, 27 FEBRUARY 2017 (TAIPEI TIMES) —-Taiwan is assisting Nauru with egg production in a bid to diversify Nauruans’ dietary proteins.

Nauruans mainly rely on fish and canned foods for protein and lack meat and vegetable proteins, Ministry of Foreign Affairs-affiliated International Cooperation and Development Fund deputy secretary-general Chen Ai-chen  said.


Citing WHO data, Chen said that one of the reasons people in South Pacific nations are prone to obesity and diabetes is their diet.

Taiwan hopes to help boost egg production in Nauru to 1.2 million by 2019, Chen said, adding that it also hopes to hold a medical tour of 480 chicken coops and pigsties around the Pacific nation.

The fund is also providing 5,000 chicks and technology to help boost egg production, Chen said, adding that there are more than 1,000 chickens laying eggs in established coops.

The coops produce 3,000 eggs per week and the eggs are distributed to 10 Nauruan schools, Chen said…..PACNEWS [/restrict]