Finance Minister Elbuchel Sadang (3rd from left) handing out the check for the Macaque Sanctuary to Angaur Governor Kennosuke Suzuky (3rd from right). (File Photo) 

Angaur State is now in the stage of finalizing the agreements with landowners in appropriating a piece of land to be used for the proposed Macaque Sanctuary Park.

In an interview with Island Times, Angaur State Governor Kennosuke Suzuky said that they had already identified an area in the northern part of Angaur that could be used for the sanctuary and that the landowners had already agreed to it. They also target to put the agreement in writing in about a week or two.

About 90% of land properties in Angaur State are owned by clans, hence the need to initiate talks with owners.

Governor Suzuky said that if Koror State is earning about $12-M from its famous jellyfish lake, Angaur could also do the same with its proposed Macaque Sanctuary Park.

“Being the only island in the Micronesia with the Macaque monkeys, I wanted to capitalize in those uniqueness and make money for Angaur,” Suzuky said.

According to the governor, in order to contain the Macaques inside the planned sanctuary, they will capture young monkeys with their mothers and cage them there where they will be provided shelter and food.

Currently, some locals are shooting monkeys for sports and other purposes and the establishment of a sanctuary will help protect them.

“By providing a sanctuary and providing a means for them to be protected and also source of food, that will make the monkeys stay in the sanctuary,” Suzuky explained.

“[Once] they (monkeys) understand that this is the place that they belong and from there, we will eradicate other monkeys in other areas and save the ones in the sanctuary,” Suzuky said.

Monkeys that will be kept inside the sanctuary will also be tagged so that they can be distinguished from those that are not from the sanctuary, Suzuky further explained.

The $10,000 that the national government previously provided to the state will be used in developing the site for the sanctuary.

The Governor said that they will keep the development of the sanctuary at a minimal and make it a site where monkeys can easily adapt to live. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)