The Koror Elementary School teacher has been suspended after an alleged video of her hitting a terrified student went viral on social media.  The incident was reported on the same day to the police, said Minister Dr. Dale Jenkins of the Ministry of Education.

“The recent incident was reported to the administration on the same day. The teacher was immediately suspended after we saw the video and the school principal reported the incident to the police,” explained Jenkins in an interview with Island Times.

“We are fortunate because there are two instructional personnel in the room. It is only a matter of them reporting to the school administration and the school administration reporting to us so things can be addressed quickly,” added Jenkins.

He also clarified that the student in the incident was not a kindergarten student, as rumored.

In addition, Jenkins said that interviews were conducted with the school, and an internal review of the MOE is currently underway.

The recorded video was extensively shared on social media showing a teacher from Koror Elementary School hitting a student with what looks like a ruler while shushing him to keep him from crying out.  All of this was happening while the child was crying, looking terrified.

The video triggered outrage, especially from parents.  The video was the first recorded incident of a teacher abusing a student in Palau since smartphones became everyday gadgets in public spaces.

The teacher remains suspended pending the outcome of the criminal case.  (By: L.N. Reklai)

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