Out of the hundreds of teachers in Palau, Jennifer Ngual, a 7th Grade teacher at the Meyuns Elementary School, was chosen as the Teacher of the Year by the Ministry of Education (MOE).

Jennifer Ngual was awarded during the kickoff program of the 24th Annual Education Convention held at the Ngarachamayong Cultural Center on and she is entitled to receive a cash prize worth $2,500, a ring, and a plaque.

Ngual had contributed a lot in the field of education in Palau for serving as a teacher for many years. She worked as a teacher at the Koror Elementary School for 20 years and also had an experienced working as a Special Education Specialist for four years and as a PAN Coordinator of Kayangel State for three years. She is now on her second year as a 7th Grade Homeroom Teacher at Meyuns Elementary School.

Teachers Delina Kebekol of the Koror Elementary School and Willingheart Subediang of the Ngeremlengui Elementary School were also named as 1st runner up and 2nd runner up, respectively. (Rhealyn C. Pojas)