With only one week left before Team Palau goes to Yap for the 2018 Micronesian Games, the final preparation is taking place, with food/equipment supplies, team uniforms and other essentials already being secured to ensure athletes have full and complete support at the 9th Micronesian Games in Yap.

Athletes received great support from the Palau Leadership, families and community.

The patrol boat will also be used to carry athletes’ sports equipment, drinks, food items, and sheets/pillows for athletes to the games.

The support from community had also poured in by supporting the team’s fundraising efforts from the various Teams and the overall Team Palau Organizing Committee.

At the June 23rd fundraising, the team raised about $10,000 dollars with other in kind support from local companies such as Palau Shipping Company donating bags for the athletes, NECO Tabecheding Water, the official Palau NOC water for donating 200 cases of water and $2,500.00.

Other monetary donations were presented by National and State Government, private business, local organizations and friends/families of athletes.

The Ngardmau State also presented support and provided the Athletes from Ngardmau State $100.00 each, and $300.00 to Team Palau.  These great feats of support from our community, Leadership, States and National government, families and friends, makes it all possible for our Team Palau success in the participation of the Games in Yap.

The travel dates for the athletes will be on charter flight on July 13th, and again on July 21st and July 27th.  These flights are provided and sponsored by Belau Force Airline/Sea Passion Hotel.

Team Palau members and athletes, extend deep appreciation to Mr. Chiu Hung Chao, owner of Sea Passion Hotel and Belau Force Airline for his great support to Team Palau. (PR)