In preparation for the upcoming Micronesian Games to be held in Yap next year in July 2018, Palau has been invited to a test games events and training of officials from December 2‐9, 2017 in Yap. This Yap‐Palau Invitational Games provides opportunity to test few athletes at games facilities and assist the Games preparation in training officials and volunteers for the games next year.


The pre Games in December is at the same time as the Canoe Festival event. Palau teams participating in the events are the Volleyball Men and Women’s Teams, Basketball Men only, Wrestling, Canoe Men and Women and Archery for demonstration event. Through the assistance of the Ministry of Public Infrastructure Industries and Commerce, Minister Charles Obichang, the Team Palau will be flying to Yap on sponsorship of BFA, SEA PASSION HOTEL AND MR. SHU.

The teams will be competing the whole week along with sports officials providing training for Yap games officials in preparation for the 2018 Micronesian Games. Palau Teams will be hosted accommodations, and three days meals while in Yap for one week. Accompanying Team to Yap are President of the Palau NOC Frank Kyota, team managers Kazuki Topps Sungino, Jubilee Kuartei, John Tarkong, Jr. and respective coaches and officials to conduct officials training. Team Palau will all be staying at Rrull Village (Palau Center and Community Center), and hosted by the village Chiefs and respective villages and games organizing committee of Yap. Team Palau thank all sponsors and the support of Palau leadership and families for making it possible for our Teams to participate and prepare for the Games in

Yap this December and the Micronesian Games in July 2018. A big appreciation to our main sponsor of

BFA Airline, Sea Passion Hotel and Mr. Shu for sponsoring the flight to bring Palau Team to Yap in this pre games programs between Palau and Yap. For more information about this games, please contact Marcy Andrew at Palau NOC at 488‐6562. [/restrict]