The Filipino Community in Palau and Honorary Consulate of the Philippines Eric Ksau Whipps, are currently arranging for a charter flighttransport Filipino workersthat wish to return back home to the Philippines.

According to an official document by The Filipino Community in Palau, the said flight will only take passengers that are leaving for good and only with a one-way ticket.

It further states that those interested in getting on the flight can call the following TFCP hotlines which are 775-1688 or 775-4349. Additionally, the seating capacity must be met in order for the flight to proceed.

The cost will be shouldered by the individual who’s interested in getting on the flight. The fare for the flight is still under negotiations and will be announced once everything finalizes.

TFCP also reminds that necessary documents must be brought along with the budget to expedite the flight.

President of The Filipino Community in Palau says“that many Filipinos want to go back due to financial difficulties and medical issues during Palau’s response to COVID-19.” He added that“some are also feeling anxious and stressed.”

Also some Filippinos are afraid to leave due to uncertainty of getting a job in the Philippines when they return home and losing out on the $100 a week they are currently receiving from Palauan government as assistance to foreign employees that lost their jobs due to COVID-19.

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