The Belau Association of Non-Governmental Organizations (BANGO) is a national representative body for the civil society organizations, non-government organizations, and community based organizations in Palau.

BANGO is an umbrella platform and coordinating mechanism of the civil society and NGO community to enhance the economic and social well being of the people of Palau through inclusive participation in local, state, and national policy development. BANGO must continue to engage with the Government of Palau, the civil society, and private sector in its role of achieving the 2030 Agenda.

The new global agenda adopted by the United Nations in September 2015, known as the Agenda 2030, sets out 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that succeeded the 10 Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), setting out a global vision of “Leaving no one behind” with development priorities for the next 15 years and ending in 2030.

Clearly, the successful achievements of 2030 SDGs will require inclusive participation of the civil society and NGO community in partnership with the National and State Governments of Palau. The vital role of civil society needs to be recognized and supported by the National and States Leadership. We believe that, at the national and state levels, a large number of civil society groups are still unaware of the 2030 SDGs and new Framework for Pacific Regionalism, nor do they have access or the capacity to influence state and national policy dialogue.

BANGO needs the support of the Government of Palau to help strengthen its capacity to better represent Palau CSOs as an equally important development actor with the emphasis on inclusive development and inclusive partnership.

BANGO had its membership meeting with the Government of Palau on 21 August 2018 in the MCCA Civic Hall. The focus of the meeting was to adopt and endorse the By-Laws and Articles of Incorporation of BANGO.

The Officers and Board of Directors for BANGO are as follows: President- Villaney Remengesau; Vice-President- Ann R. Lund; Secretary- Tublai Ililau; Treasurer- Stephanie Ngirchoimei; Director- Kukumai Agnes Rebetuu; Director- Eunice Akiwo; and Director- Santy Asanuma. Currently, there are 17 incorporators and 30 members of BANGO coming from various CSOs, NGOs, and community based organizations in Palau. Though BANGO is undergoing the process for legal registration with Registrar of Corporations and for earning a Non-Profit Corporate Charter in Palau, we are extending the invitation of membership for the CSOs, NGOs, and CBOs including local and traditional organizations in Palau.

BANGO would like to recognized and acknowledged the Ministry of Community and Cultural Affairs, Ministry of Health, and Office of the President for their great support and partnership.