The first two Palauans to complete the Taiwan Naval Academy arrived in Palau as part of Taiwan’s 15th Annual Fleet of Friendship celebration last Friday.

The naval cadets, Francis Tkel and Shandle Techitong underwent a 4-year training where they learned Mandarin along with necessary skills that are required for naval soldiers.

During their time in the academy, both learned different aspects of the navy such as CPR training, leadership tactics and strategy, shooting training, and how to keep a fleet running as a team.

Techitong stated that it wasn’t easy learning Chinese but still tried her best to learn something new every day. Overall she had a wonderful experience and was glad she took part in it.

While Tkel mentioned how being in the Naval Academy had impacted his life.

Tkel stated that “being in the academy they have trained us not only to be skillful cadets but as good role models in society.”

The two continued on with the Taiwan Friendship Fleet visit to other ports before returning to Taiwan.

Upon conclusion of their training, Tkel and Techitong plan to return back to Palau to seek employment, however, they have yet to decide where they wish to work.

Both extended gratitude to their classmates, friends, teachers, and the officers who have been a big help to them during their stay in Taiwan. They appreciate how their classmates were welcoming of them and wish them luck on their future endeavors.

Both Tkel and Techitong encourage their fellow Palauans to think about applying to the Naval Academy. They said that the training provides an opportunity for higher learning and future participants to experience culture from another country.