Presidential hopefuls Johnson Toribiong (left photo)) and Alan Seid (middle photo) file nominating petition at the Palau Elections Commission yesterday. Meanwhile, incumbent senator Kerai Mariur files candidacy as he seeks reelection for a senatorial seat. The filing of the nominating petition ends on Aug. 5, 2020. Supplied Photos

As the deadline for election filing draws near, more candidates trooped to the Palau Election Commission Office yesterday to file their certificates of candidacy for the upcoming Nov.3,  2020 elections.

As of August 3,,  a  total of 39 candidates have filed for the upcoming elections,  with  31 seats up for grabs.

More candidates vying for presidential, vice presidential, senatorial, and delegate seats are expected to file their nominating petition on or before the Aug. 5 deadline.

According to the Palau Election Commission, there are three presidential hopefuls who have filed their nominating petition for the presidency. 

Presidential candidate Alan Seid filed for his candidacy. Accompanying him was his family and supporters.

Later the same day, Presidential Candidate Johnson Toribiong came with his family and supporters to file for his candidacy.

Both candidates filed on the same day as the full moon, which holds great significance in Palauan culture. Palauans have used the moon as a guide when performing such tasks as making a house, going fishing, or even planting.

A four-way presidential race is expected, with Vice-President Raynold Oilouch filing his candidacy on July 21.

Since the deadline is on August 5, there are still candidates who will file for their candidacy. Presidential hopeful  Surangel Whipps Jr. was not present among the other presidential candidates but plans to file for his candidacy on Tuesday, August 4.

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