Twenty-four years ago in June, 1994, ten Palauan visionaries founded Palau Conservation Society (PCS).  PCS became the first conservation non-governmental organization registered in Palau.  The 10 visionaries were Noah Idechong, Dr. Minoru Ueki, Maura Gordon, Julita Tellei, Juan Polloi, David Idip, Belhaim Sakuma, Faustina R. Marugg, Sandra Pierantozzi and Adalbert Eledui.  They were a combination of energetic people with different backgrounds but they all shared a long term vision for a healthy environment of Palau in the future.  By virtue of these visionaries PCS was founded to ensure a sustained and bio-diverse healthy Palau for future generations. Palau’s culture and economy rely  strongly on the environment.

Fulfilling the organization’s mission: “to work with the community to preserve the nations’ unique natural environment and perpetuate its conservation ethic for the economic and social benefit of present and future generations of Palauans and for the enjoyment of all” PCS has been working closely with communities, states governments, national government through ministries, bureaus and agencies both private and public, to empower communities to steward Palau’s environment.

This coming June 28, at 12pm to 1pm, the 24th Annual General Membership meeting will be celebrated at the Bai ra Maibrel.  The agenda for the meeting will be: Sign In and Meet & Greet, Opening of Meeting, Light Lunch, 2017 Annual Report, Election of Board Members and Cash Prize Raffle Drawing.  All members are invited.  Anyone who wants to join the membership is cordially invited to join and become a member as well.

The last raffle drawing on-air for members will continue this Tuesday (tomorrow), at 9:15am to 10am, at Eco-Paradise 87.9FM radio station.  Prizes were donated from Palau Pacific Resort, The Taj Palau, WCTC, Blue Bay Petroleum, PNCC, Surangel & Sons Company and IP&E. (PR)