On December 28, 2017, Ambassador Michael YK Tseng of the Taiwan Embassy presented a check of $250,000, as the third tranche of the $1,000,000 donation towards the Palau National Marine Sanctuary (PNMS) Endowment Fund, to Vice President Raynold B. Oilouch who was accompanied by Executive Director Keobel Sakuma of the PNMS Office. The check handover ceremony took place at Taiwan Embassy in Koror.


Taiwan government was the first contributor to the PNMS Endowment Fund after its inception in October 2015. Taiwan committed to donate $1 million to the trust fund in 4 installments with $250,000 every 6 months starting December 2016. As promised, Taiwan Embassy delivered the third tranche this month and the accumulated donation has amounted to $750,000.

Palau has been regarded as a pristine paradise and has made conscious efforts in preserving and conserving marine resources and thus, has been highly praised by the international community. Palau was the first country to create a shark sanctuary in 2009 and was founded the Micronesia Challenge before that. Palau launched its most ambitious conservation project in 2015, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary. Since the passing of the PNMS, Palau has been working to implement the landmark legislation and partnerships like those with Taiwan have made this possible. Palau has also won the bid to host the world renowned “Our Ocean Conference” in 2020. These achievements have proven that Palau indeed is not a small island nation, but a big ocean state. Taiwan, as an island nation as well, attaches much appreciation for what Palau has done in marine resources conservation and sustainability.

Taiwan government and people treasure the cordial and brother-like relationship with Palau and will keep its commitment to render continuous assistance to the people and government of Palau. [/restrict]