I wish to begin by saying that I have been Tommy’s supporter and admirer for the last 33 years of my adult life and had voted him in all of his terms into the various offices. I believed in his ideology of grassroots as I myself am a grassroots person.


It is with a heavy heart that I write this letter to convey my disheartenment, dismay and disappointment on his most recent action in proposing a bill to postpone the implementation of the $100.00 Environmental Impact Dee to our visitors.

His ideology of grassroots is mute. He talks about being the voice and the face of the grassroots but this action contradicts all of those. The implementation of this fee is a great beneficial to the grassroots. I did not hear any of the grassroots cry over this, I only heard the cries of foreigners and business people, not the grassroots.  Delaying this means that what you had promised in your state visits and campaign about revenues generated through the implementation of this fee for our Pension and others had failed. The first 100 days of your new administration.

This is not the first time for this implementation to be postponed; this will be the second time. At the same time, this also contradicts with High End Tourism which we have heard so many times from you, our president. High End Tourism comes with high end fees, provided that high end tourists that we want will be the ones to come to this high end destination. The attractions that Palau offers are high ends, they cannot be found anywhere else in the world. If I am not mistaken, Palau had been ranked among the top ten places of the world to visit. It is of rare beauty, and that means, one must pay to see and experience what the world had proclaimed to be one of the world’s treasures.

Again, I am disheartened, dismayed and disappointed with your action.
Allow me to end this letter with these simple Palauan Proverbs that serve to remind us of our action: “mokesengii a usekerem” “Ng ko ra char ra Kasiil el erasch eng mong eal keriik eng me!”

Disheartened, Dismayed and Disappointed Grassroots!

Name withheld to protect identity as I am a government employee and worried of repercussions for talking my heart. [/restrict]