The 2020 General Election Day is today and Palau Election Commission is ready and prepared to conduct the election.  All eligible voters will be casting their votes to elect the next leadership to lead this country in the next four years and into a new decade.

The new government will inherit a nation faced with a global pandemic, an economic depression, and massive unemployment among other challenges.  It will also face a new opportunity to craft a new economic framework, and new direction for Palau’s future.

Candidates elected today will be responsible to lead Palau and its people out of the pandemic situation.

To ensure that the process of voting is efficient and transparent, the Palau Election Commission has been preparing and getting ready for this day.

According to Palau Election, preparations details such as setting up polling places across Palau, gathering up and organizing all supplies needed were all done yesterday.

Election Officers and all personnel have been briefed and ready to open the polls at 7:00 a.m. Furthermore, they said, dedicated election team that is responsible for the operation of the DS450, the digital tabulating machine, have been briefed and ready for the tabulation process later tonight. 

A total of 2,393 absentee ballots were mailed out by the Commission and of yesterday, 825 absentee ballots have been received. Based on election history, about 60% absentee ballots mailed outside are received in Palau. 

For public safety, security of the polls, Bureau of Public Safety is requested to provide assistance and traffic control support throughout the day.

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