By: L.N. Reklai

September 19, 2016  (Koror) Another letter to Election Commission from Senator Joel Toribiong questions the change in Election Commission’s policy during the 2012 Primary and now, on bulk mailing of absentee ballots from outside of Palau.


“I noticed that the Rules and Regulations for the 9th General Election that were adopted on July 17, 2016 provided that “Group mailings of ballots will not be valid.  Each ballot is individually postmarked by a postal service or carrier  …” stated Toribiong in his letter.

The letter further questioned why it was reversed for Ngiwal election and the upcoming primary election.

Toribiong followed up on his previous request for copy of legal opinion upon which EC bases its bulk mailing policy.  In his letter to Acting Chairman of Election Commission Elliot Udui, Toribiong also expressed his concern that Mr. Udui sits on the Election Commission while serving as member of Ngiwal State Legislature.

Mr. Elliot Udui currently sits as one of the member chiefs in the Ngiwal State Legislature.

The letter was sent and received by Election Commission yesterday and no response has been formulated.

A suit filed by Mr. Emory Mesubed against Election Commission questions this specific policy and is currently pending in court. [/restriction]