Johnson Toribiong, a former president, is to hold a declaration meeting at Ming’s s Hall located in Palasia Hotel on Friday, 11AM this week which will be open to all.

There have been talks among the locals that Toribiong will run again for President in the upcoming election. In the meeting, he plans to speak to the Palauan people about his plans for the future of Palau.

This will also be broadcasted live on radio. Toribiong has also invited the press and has assured that every question will be answered.

“I will be making a declaration of my plan for the future and the platform I support for the Palauan people.”

Toribiong is also going to talk about absentee ballots which he has openly opposed.

“People who want to vote should vote in Palau. The amendment will basically change the absentee ballot, there are Palauans who live abroad for 30-40 years so the lost contact with Palau.”

Toribiong added that the current status quo makes democracy unaffordable for the common man.

“It becomes the game of the millionaires and rich people. I have been through the process. To campaign in Guam, Saipan, Hawaii, California, Oregon, Texas, Colorado takes too much money.”

He added that the money is spent on people who do not pay taxes in Palau and do not participate in Palau’s customary obligation.

“It becomes so expensive that not too many people can run for the office. I like democracy to be accessible to any person who runs for office regardless of how much money he has.” (By Eshan Kalyanikar)