All ages interested to learn Palauan traditional dance please come to the Angel Center, Bital Ked, Topside Koror in Idid Hamlet (on the way to Catholic Cemetery) on Tuesdays, Thursday from 3-5pm and on Sunday from 2-5pm. Teacher Miriam and Teacher Tadao will be giving the classes. There will be an option to learn traditional weaving as well and to take art classes, healthy cooking classes, and organic gardening. We are also planning again to start pottery classes with pottery masters Ellen and Richard; so if you are interested please let us know and come.

If you and or your kids are interested please come to get your application – sign up or call 4883003 and leave your telephone number, full name, age and days you would like to participate. Sign-up fee is $10 per a year to be a member of the Angel Center and each class is for $2 each time per person or you can also pay ahead for a week, month or a quarter year.

We are starting Mother’s Day workshop this Sunday and there will be also sign up to the Field Trips (Ngiwal – historical and cultural sits, BNM & Aquarium, Carp Island, Yapese Stone Money Quarry, Ngardmau Waterfalls, Crab and Fish Farms and/or others).