The Japan Research Center for Agricultural Sciences (JIRCAS) in collaboration with BOA (Bureau of Agriculture) and PCC-CRE (Palau Community College, Cooperative Research and Extension) conducted grafting and pruning training program on February 6, 2019 at BOA-Ngechesar as a part of JIRCAS project activities titled “Development of sustainable resources management system in Palau”. A total of 25 farmers and community members attended the program.

After opening speech by Fred Sengebau (Director, BOA) and explanation of ideas and advantages for fruit tree grafting by Mr. Trebkul Tellei (BOA), Mr. Joseph Tiobech (BOA), and Mr. Felix Sengebau (PCC-CRE), every farmer took one mango tree pot and one scion collected from productive mango tree in Palau and practiced for a side grafting with a cutter purchased at a local hard-ware shop by guidance of Dr. Tatsushi Ogata (JIRCAS).

After then, they moved to BOA garden and learned about how to control tree size by pruning, and how to conduct a girdling to enhance a fruit set in mango.

Dr. Ogata explained that combination of grafting, girdling and low tree height cultivation by proper pruning can be a counter-measure to get fruit sets for non-productive mango tree.

The participants enjoyed the practice and shared ideas to promote tropical fruit production.

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