The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) together with the Bureau of Agriculture (BOA) organized a horticulture and nutrition education workshop in collaboration with the State Government of Aimeliik on August 28th. There were 15 residents from Aimeliik state to learn the knowledge and experience of compost making, home gardening, and healthy cooking methods at TTM’s demonstration farm.
During the workshop, the horticulture specialist of TTM Sunny SHIE explained soil structure and compost making to the participants. After that, Bernice Sidoi, extension officer of BOA, introduced the home gardening project about growing vegetables and fruits in your backyard; Joy Lin, the nutritionist of TTM, presented the ideas of a healthy diet and lifestyle by demonstrating two delicious dishes, colorful vegetable taro salad, and stir-fried ground pork kangkung.
At the end of the workshop, the health program coordinators from Show Chwan Hospital Eva Chien and Tsai-Ling Hsu from Shin Kong Hospital helped the attendees had their BMI values, blood sugar analysis, lipid and blood pressure as well as being provided individual health advice.
TTM is glad to share technology and experience with whoever is interested in home gardening and horticultural cultivation. Please contact TTM at 488-6557 or 544-1616 for further information.

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