The Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM), in collaboration with the Bureau of Agriculture (BOA)and supported by Taiwan Embassy, had organized a Horticulture cultivation and compost making workshop last February 20.


The workshop, which was conducted by TTM horticulture specialist Jeffery Lin, Bernice Sidoi of the BOA and Hartman Ybelmar of the TTM’s demonstration farm, was held at TTM’s demonstration farm in Nekken, Aimeliik with over 14 participants from Koror, Airai and Sonsorol.

The courses in the workshop include farmland distribution and management, soil preparation, planting vegetable and fruit seeds, plant cultivation and management, plant pest and disease control, and organic compost making.

The workshop went successfully and participants enjoyed learning new farming and cultivating techniques, informative discussions and experience sharing.

Participating farmers said that by completing the workshop, they have more confidence in cultivating fruits and vegetables.

The next workshop is slated on March 20. All agencies and organizations are encouraged to participate.

For inquiries, contact TTM at 4886557, 5441012, 7782318, or call Taiwan Embassy at 4888150. [/restrict]