Taiwan Technical Mission donates fruits to Belau National Hospital.

Taiwan Technical Mission (TTM) donated 320 pounds of fresh local produce, including cucumber, dragon fruit, pumpkin, papaya and squash which were cultivated at TTM’s demonstration farm at Nekken, Aimeliik to the Belau National Hospital on July 11, 2019.

Director of BHASS Miss Darnelle Worswick thanked TTM for their kind donation and said the BNH will make good use of these vegetables and fruits.

TTM has been collaborating with the Bureau of Agriculture and Shin Kong Hospital to promote the concept of healthy lifestyle and balanced diet by consuming more local vegetables and produce. Also,TTM dedicated itself to enhancing Palau’s agricultural development to increase local produce by holding a number of training programs.

TTM is glad to share technology and experience for whoever is interested in horticultural cultivation and home garden. For more information, Please kindly contact TTM at 4886557, 5441012. (PR)